Monday, February 8, 2010

A wee update

I had been waiting to post something new until I had something more to report.  Up until this morning, that only included two more rejections, which just didn't feel like a great reason to write an update.  As of this morning, though, I've received another interview invite, bringing my total to 6.  Just to clarify, the "interviews completed" down there is also included in the interview invitations.  The only reason for keeping them separate would be so that if I were to decide not to interview somewhere, i.e. if I were to get into a school that made interviewing at some other school seem less necessary, you would be able to tell.  I don't actually know how I'll indicate that, except maybe that by mid-April, those two numbers won't match up.

The biggest thing I have to say is this: waiting is awful.  Looking back on the application process so far, I've changed my mind about what is the worst part over and over again.  At first, it was studying for the MCATs, because how could that possibly be fun?  I then thought that taking the MCATs would be the worst, but I had a really good experience with smiling test center staff, and the day felt much better.  But then applications seemed like they were for sure the worst part!  Only once I had gotten through them, they felt like an accomplishment, and no longer like something dreadful.  Leading up to my first interview, I was convinced that interviewing would be awful!  But not the case at all.  Waiting, however, is definitely awful.  And knowing that the suspense could be drawn out for a couple more months only makes it seem worse.  That said, it's a necessary part of the process.  I'd like to say that I've found a way to make waiting more entertaining, but it is what it is: the slow passing of time.  What I can say is this: it will have been worth it.  Whatever the outcome, wherever I get in or don't, wherever I end up when all is said and done, it will have been worth all of the schooling, the test studying, the test taking, the applications, the interviews, and the waiting.  I would advise people that if they consider this process and it doesn't seem worth the trouble, it probably isn't.  I very much felt that way when I was considering law school; sitting for the LSAT didn't seem worth any of the trouble.  If passion isn't driving you to stick to it and already rejoice in the end outcome, even though it is yet unknown, you might be doing yourself a favor to reconsider before you end up doing something you don't enjoy.

Maybe that's bad advice.  But it's advice that once I learned to follow has seemed to produce good results!

Now, back to waiting.

Uh oh... now that I'm looking at these numbers and actually doing some counting on my fingers, there's definitely a problem... they're wrong!  Oops... ignore the other ones and use these instead.  Note the bold for changes from my erroneous calculations.

Stop.  Hammer time --
Primary applications: 17
Instant rejections: 1
Secondary applications: 16
Post-secondary rejections (i.e. without an interview) to date: 4
Interview invitations to date: 6
Interviews completed to date: 3
Post-interview rejections to date: 0
Acceptances to date: 0

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